Spectra S2PLUS Breast Pump Now Available at Chambers’ Apothecary

At Chambers’ Apothecary, we take pride in providing all of your medical equipment needs. One in-demand item we’ve had requests for was the Spectra S2Plus Breast Pump. Let’s talk about the pump features and why it has become one of the leading brands for nursing moms. The S2Plus was designed to have the quietest motor […]

iMedicare is Back!

iMedicare is back and just in time for the 2019 year! If you aren’t familiar with this FREE service, it’s something that Chambers’ Apothecary offers each year to help our senior patients nagivate the variety of Part D (prescription drug) plans out there to ensure they are choosing the right one to fit their needs […]

Our New TapLive-Enabled Shelving Gives Customers the Information They Need

So far we’ve looked at our new Durable Medical Equipment counter, our new Sterile Compounding Lab and Chambers’ Wellness Center, which are all projects that we began in 2017 that will continue to be expanded upon throughout 2018. These investments all expand our services in valuable ways and allow us to continue exceeding our customers’ […]

Chambers’ Wellness Center: What’s New and What You Can Look Forward To

We’ve written about our Wellness Center before, but we are still very excited about it. It was a major project that we started in 2017, and we will continue to add services and offerings throughout 2018. Be sure to follow Chambers’ Wellness Center on Facebook to stay up-to-date with our Guided Meditations and Yoga in […]

Our NEW Sterile Compounding Lab

In addition to our new Durable Medical Equipment counter, we have been hard at work converting our lower level into a full-service Sterile Compounding Lab. Like the DME counter, the Sterile Compounding Lab is an investment in ourselves that we started in 2017 and will continue to develop throughout 2018 so we can continue to exceed […]