Chambers’ Apothecary 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Chambers’ Apothecary 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

During the winter months, we encourage our customers to visit us for all of their winter-weather health needs – cold and flu treatments, vaccinations, and new feet or skis for walkers and canes – but regardless of what brings you in to see us, we encourage you to browse our Holiday Gift Guide for ideas for everyone on your list.

As an added bonus, Salt Lamps, Diffusers and Essential Oils are 20% off during the month of December, and upstairs in our Wellness Center, 30-Minute Sauna Packages are 15% off! If you’re having trouble deciding, gift certificates are always available.

1. Diffusers

We offer a wide selection of diffusers that can be used at home or at work. They come in designs that fit any aesthetic from Himalayan salt lamps to Zen-minimalism. Our diffusers typically cover an area up 1,000 feet, which makes them just as suitable to in-home meditation rooms as they are to larger living areas like living rooms and bedrooms. Plus, some – like Lulu and Jax – are made specifically for children’s playrooms. Diffusers can often come with additional features such as soothing lights that create a serene ambiance and pre-set run times to help make diffuser sessions part of your routine.

2. Essential Oils

A diffuser is only as good as the oils you put in it, so we offer oils from doTERRA, Ancient Apothecary and our own Chambers’ Apothecary line. We offer a Diffuser Blend Booklet to help new and experienced essential oils users create the perfect blend whether they are seeking “Focus” or “Peace and Calm.” The Diffuser Blend Booklet also includes special seasonal blends like “Winter Wonderland” and – our favorite – “Deck the Halls” (2 Drops Frankincense, 2 Drops Myrrh, 2 Drops Orange and 2 drops Cedarwood). They’re great to buy and use to get you and your guests in a festive mood, and they also make great gifts!

3. Engel Coolers and Tumblers

Winter in Franklin County generally means spending a lot of time outdoors in the cold and snow, so whether you are planning a week-long expedition into the woods or just scraping ice off of your windshield, Engel makes a cooler or tumbler for you. The coolers – like the ENG80-C – feature “Roto-Molded Construction” and are “IGBC certified bear resistant containers” so they can handle any situation. The spill and slip-proof tumblers are vacuum insulated to keep hot chocolates hot and frosty beverages frosty.

4. Melissa & Doug Toys

Our selection of Melissa & Doug toys and activity books make perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for creative kids. Not only do the sticker books and marker sets engage their minds, but they also keep the kids busy on long car rides during holiday travels to see friends and family. And not to worry – the kits that feature press-on sand and glitter are mess free!

5. Greeting Cards

We carry a large selection of greeting cards, so when you stop in to pick up a prescription, you can also pick up some Christmas cards. We always carry cards for birthdays, friendship, encouragement, get-well-soon and other occasions. While you’re here, pick up a “Congratulations!” card for yourself because between the diffusers, the coolers, the toys and picking up your prescription, you just completed your holiday to-do list!