Our NEW Durable Medical Equipment Counter

Our NEW Durable Medical Equipment Counter

We take personal growth and development pretty seriously at Chambers’ Apothecary. Throughout 2017, we invested heavily in ourselves to ensure that we can continue exceeding our customers’ expectations throughout 2018 and into 2019.

So, why are we still talking about our goals and resolutions in February?

Because this is when most people begin to abandon their New Year’s resolutions. This is the dangerous period where enough time has passed that we start to lose our motivation, but it’s still too recent for our resolution to have become a habit.

We are sticking to our resolutions, and we hope that you are as well. Here is an update on our progress so far.

For our first stop, Nancy Mazariegos, our Durable Medical Equipment Specialist and Certified Mastectomy Fitter, gives us a closer look at one of the ways we are currently improving our DME offerings, as well as some of the goals we set for ourselves as we head towards next year.

Our New Durable Medical Equipment Counter

  • What’s New?

At Chambers’ Apothecary, we have always offered an extensive selection of Durable Medical Equipment as well as expert consultations. However, having a dedicated counter for DME has changed the dynamic of how we are able to service our patients. This is important because the process for filling a prescription for Durable Medical Equipment is very different than filling a prescription on the pharmacy side. When you are at the DME counter, you know that you are consulting with experienced DME professionals. Whether it’s making sure that a brace is properly fitted or navigating insurance coverage, the counter allows for a better consultation, which allows for better results.

  • What Should I Expect?

The new counter is surrounded by a trove of durable medical equipment, parts and accessories including bathroom safety items, medical-grade bracing, compression socks, mastectomy prosthetics, off-the-shelf wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and more. It’s not just a counter, it’s a DME department. The right product – properly fitted – can make all the difference in the world to someone who needs it. The DME counter allows us to give patients individual attention and really look into their policies and educate them without being distracted by the hustle-and-bustle of the pharmacy counter.

  • What Does the Future Hold?

In 2018, Chambers’ Apothecary will begin offering CPAP and BiPAP equipment. They will require a prescription and documentation, and then a respiratory therapist will develop a specific plan based on your needs. After that, we’ll fit you with a mask and any other products you might need. We will also have a mask exchange program that allows you to try masks out for 30 days to make sure you find one that works for you. Because, again, it comes down to the right equipment and the right fit. And sometimes that takes time.

Nancy Mazariegos, CDME, CMF
Chambers’ Apothecary
278 Lincoln Way East
Chambersburg, PA 17201