iMedicare is Back!

iMedicare is back and just in time for the 2019 year! If you aren’t familiar with this FREE service, it’s something that Chambers’ Apothecary offers each year to help our senior patients nagivate the variety of Part D (prescription drug) plans out there to ensure they are choosing the right one to fit their needs and budget.

In most cases, you can make changes to your Medicare Part D plan each year during the fall open enrollment period, which takes place from October 15 to December 7. Additionally, plans do change on a yearly basis, so it’s important to verify if your current plan will remain the same. In a situation where changes take place that may no longer benefit you, shopping around for another plan is an option, and we’re here to help!

Nancy Mazariegos, our iMedicare specialist, has offered this program at Chambers’ since 2014. “For the past 4 years we’ve been saving our patients money by finding the best plan that meets their financial needs while maintaining all the services they’ve come to love and appreciate.”

So how does it all work? All you have to do is spare about 30 to 45 minutes for you appointment. Nancy will pull up your information and the available plans so you can compare and contrast what is available, what has changed, and what you should choose moving forward.

Call today (717) 263-0747 to make an appointment with Nancy. Deadline to choose a plan for the 2019 year is December 7.