COVID Vaccines

COVID-19 Vaccines


We have updated our booking process to be fully completed through our scheduling software. If you cannot complete the forms online or need assistance booking your appointment, call the store at 717-263-0747 to make further arrangements.


We have added a 3rd Moderna vaccine appointment for individuals who meet the requirements. Eligible preexisting conditions are required when booking an appointment.

If you don’t answer “YES” to the extra dose eligibility questions then, at this time, you’re not eligible for a 3rd Moderna vaccine. As ACIP recommendations change, we will update our website and scheduling platform accordingly. Current CDC guidelines are below:

CDC Guidelines for Additional Doses


We are currently receiving vaccine through our federal partnership with CPESN/PPCN. We are grateful to be part of a clinically integrated network of pharmacies to continue to provide more services to our community!

Our primary point of contact will be via email so make sure to provide an email address that is checked regularly. If a follow up dose is needed, we will schedule the appointment while you are at the store. You will receive email reminders about your appointment as well as other pertinent information regarding the appointment and vaccine. Below are links to the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) forms for all currently approved vaccines:



We have created a number of socially distanced vaccine administration sites in our pharmacy and are scheduling appointments simultaneously to manage traffic flow. Please wear clothing that provides easy accessibility to the injection site (upper arm or deltoid). Please arrive in time to enter the pharmacy at exactly the time of your appointment. We will administer the vaccine at the scheduled appointment time and you will be required to wait 15 minutes after your vaccine to monitor for any immediate allergic reactions. Schedule your appointment accordingly while keeping this information in mind.


Please follow the following CDC recommendations before receiving your vaccine to prevent adverse events:

  • Have a beverage or snack before getting your vaccine

  • Sit or lie down after receiving your vaccine

  • Breathe slowly and deeply before getting the vaccine and think of something relaxing

If you have any other questions regarding the process, please call the pharmacy at 717-263-0747.

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